Winter driving can be more difficult and hazardous than in the other seasons. We at Bob Utter Kia want you to stay safe on the road this winter season. The following tips can help you stay safe on the road in the winter.

Before you head out, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Sudden drops in temperatures can deflate your tires. If it is freezing outside, make sure you keep enough gas in the tank to prevent gas line freezing. Try to keep at least one half of the tank full during freezing conditions. If there is precipitation in the winter time, you may want to give yourself extra distance between any vehicles in front of you. Braking time may be reduced with winter precipitation, and you don't want to collide with a vehicle in front of you.

If you check your vehicle before you head out and drive carefully during the winter, then you should be able to avoid weather-related incidents on the road. We hope you find these tips useful and that you will drive safely this winter.



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