Change Your Oil Over Time Even If You Didn't Rack Up The Miles

Does your car sit in the garage most of the time? If so, you should still change the oil by the date recommended by the manufacturer, even if you haven't racked up the miles. The truth about oil is that not only does it decay with use, but it also decays with time. Here at Bob Utter Kia, we are here to make sure your vehicle is always serviced at the time it needs to happen so that your car will run smoother and longer for the life of the vehicle. The life of your car solely depends on how well you maintain your vehicle, so it's something that you should take very seriously if you like the car you have!

Asking questions is always a good idea. So don't forget to let us know if there is anything you aren't quite sure about here at Bob Utter Kia, and don't forget to come in for a quick oil change today!



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