You might enjoy an occasional unexpected visitor to your home, but you wouldn't want an animal visitor in your garage. Rodents underneath the hood of your car can cause serious damage to your electrical wiring, and the materials that they bring inside can even cause a fire when the engine heats up. If you think you might have an unexpected visitor that's decided to make a home near your engine, try these tips to keep them away.

Making the underneath of your hood an unpleasant space can deter rodents from entering in the first place. Clay cat litter sprinkled on the engine block will make the environment unpleasant, and it's non-flammable, so it won't start on fire. Peppermint oil will also make the environment inhospitable to unwanted guests.

You can also install strobe lights and ultrasound alarms. The high-pitched noise is undetectable to humans but will make rodents flee, and the strobe lights can be turned off whenever you're in the garage.



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