Exhaust Leak Indications

Exhaust systems are designed to carry noxious gases and fumes away from the engine and out through the tailpipe. If a leak in the system occurs, the harmful toxins may enter the vehicle's cabin, which endangers all of the occupants. For exhaust leaks or any type of mechanical malfunction, consult with our Bob Utter Kia technicians for assistance.

Hissing or popping noises while the engine runs is a symptom of an exhaust problem. Check for scorched paint next to the ports on the cylinder head. Spark plug wires and boots might also appear burned. There might be a high-pitched noise coming from the tailpipe.

Car seat, foot pedal or steering wheel vibration may be a sign of a rusty exhaust system. Condensation accumulates and rusts the piping along the system. Other indications include reduced engine power or gas mileage. Leaks cause the engine to work harder, which requires more fuel.



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