2 Classic Car Games for the Whole Family

If you're a parent, you've likely heard the well-known refrain, "Are we there yet?" Children are famous for saying this on car rides, and it can become frustrating for even the most patient parents. At Bob Utter Kia, we want to help you keep your sanity by providing you with a few games that you can easily play with your children while you're on a long road trip.

The classic game, "I Spy," is an activity that preschoolers to adults will surely find entertaining for long periods of time, and the premise is simple. One person finds an object and gives one descriptor. Then, everyone else tries to guess what the person is thinking about.

Another game that's fun for the whole family is the memory game in which everyone takes turns coming up with an item that you would take on a picnic. The items need to start with a letter of the alphabet to make a list, and the entire list needs to be repeated every time a new item is added.



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