After an automobile is severely scratched, you can correct the problem by implementing advanced touch-up procedures. This job will require various supplies, which are available at most hardware stores.

In order to make a scratched car stand out following a touch-up job, you must apply paint that matches the old shade. You can figure out the correct paint tone by getting the factory color code for your automobile. This code is usually listed on the dash or in the owner's manual. During the prep phase, use a 220-grit sand paper to remove any rust that has generated around the scratch. Rust is a major problem because it makes the process of applying new paint challenging. Next, apply a primer on the exposed metal, and give it time to dry. Then, rub a 600-grit sand paper over the primer and around the scratch before applying a coat of touch-up paint.

If you're having problems correcting a very severe scratch, professional touch-up services are available at Bob Utter Kia. We enhance automobiles by using precise paints that properly match a general color scheme.



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