About Auto-dimming Rearview Mirrors

Newer vehicles come equipped with auto-dimming rearview mirrors, which is a big relief when vehicles approach from the rear. Even after the vehicle passes, the driver experiences a blind spot in their vision, which is known as the “Troxler Effect.” Temporary blindness can become dangerous. As such, automotive manufacturers introduced the innovative mirrors.

The technology involved is interesting. The mirror contains two sensors, which are cameras or photodiode-based photodetectors. The sensors work in combination with an internal microprocessor that detects glare from headlights. The microprocessor then sends a charge to electrochromic gel.

When the gel receives the charge, is undergoes an oxidation-reduction reaction. The reaction darkens the gel that lies between two glass layers. The action thus dampens the level of light reflected in the mirror. The vehicles in our Bob Utter Kia inventory have the technology. Visit our location. Find a car, pickup or SUV that suits your needs and take a test drive.



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