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If you are in the market for a great new vehicle to drive all over Plano, then Bob Utter Kia has you covered. At our dealership, we carry the latest, most exciting new Kia vehicles, one of which might be ideal for you. When you find the ideal new Kia vehicle for you, you can count on the staff at Bob Utter Kia to help you find the right payment method for you. Before deciding whether to buy or lease, be sure to take a look at the differences between these options, and why you can count on Bob Utter Kia for exceptional service.

The Bob Utter Kia Difference

At Bob Utter Kia, we take pride in providing customers with exemplary service, especially when it comes to paying for the new vehicle you want to take home to McKinney. The staff at our Finance Center includes several team members with years of experience who can work with you to determine if leasing or financing is the right payment method for you. We work with many different lenders, so if you choose to take out a loan, you have plenty of options and have a better chance of getting your loan approved.

Auto Loans

One of the two primary methods of paying for a new vehicle to drive in Corinth, TX. Taking out an auto loan lets you pay for the vehicle immediately, so you can drive it right away. After taking out the loan, you must pay it back over time with interest added. Once you pay off the loan, the vehicle belongs to you with no strings attached!

The main advantage of taking out a loan is that it lets you take ownership of the vehicle. Even while you are still paying off the loan, you can make modifications to the vehicle, and you don't have to worry about mileage limits. A disadvantage of taking out a loan is that it represents a substantial, long-term financial commitment. If you would prefer not to commit to taking out a loan, you might want to lease instead.

Ways financing a Kia can help your credit

Let's say you don't have a long credit history, making car payments can go a long way to help you out. If you are ever planning on getting a home mortgage, showing a bank that you can handle car payments will help as well. At Bob Utter Kia, we will help you get your Kia financed and put you on a path to better credit.

What are the most affordable Kia vehicles?

There are a number of Kia vehicles that are extremely affordable. For instance, there is the compact Rio sedan and hatchback for Tom Bean and Denison, TX drivers. If you are looking for an affordable SUV, there is the excellent Kia Kona compact SUV. Also, we have a selection of affordable used vehicles priced for less.


When you lease a new Kia vehicle to drive in Tom Bean, you don't take ownership of it. Instead, you pay a monthly fee to be able to drive the vehicle. The leasing period usually lasts 36 months. At the end of your lease, you can return the leased vehicle, trade it in for a new vehicle to lease, or buy it outright.

One advantage of leasing a vehicle is that you don't have to make a long-term financial commitment. If you want to buy your vehicle when the lease ends you are free to do so, but you are also free to return it. Another benefit to leasing is that it allows you to drive a brand-new car every three years. If you love the feeling of driving the latest vehicles with the most exciting new features, trading in your leased vehicle every 36 months lets you do that with ease.

A disadvantage of leasing is that you have to stick to certain limitations set by the lease agreement. When you lease a vehicle it still belongs to the dealership, so you can't make modifications to it and you have to stick to mileage limits.

Buy Here Pay Here

When you choose one of a select number of pre-owned vehicles, you can opt into our Buy Here Pay Here program. This is a great option for customers who want to re-establish their credit. When you finance with us instead of an outside financial institution, you don't have to worry about your loan being approved. Additionally, we can help you rebuild your credit score!

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