Discover More Ease Returning Your Leased Vehicle in Sherman, TX

When it's time to return your leased vehicle, knowing what to do next can feel challenging. Bob Utter Kia serves Plano and surrounding areas by walking you through your lease return options and helping you enjoy a convenient process. You can save time and minimize your paperwork while also having a vast selection of new and used vehicles to transition to after returning your leased car. 

Purchase Your Leased Vehicle

You will have the first opportunity to buy your leased car before our dealership. Our finance team can help you explore financing options to help you to discover affordable rates. We can determine the value of your leased vehicle and include how much you have already paid to provide a payoff quote. Buying your leased vehicle is a smart way to avoid end-of-term fees and continue enjoying the vehicle. However, you will also want to consider how their vehicle will meet your driving needs in the future, including factors like adding to your family or commuting to a new job. 

Return Your Leased Vehicle and Move On

You can simply return your vehicle without leasing or financing one of our vehicles. We understand our customers need to consider their options and have various lifestyle and budget needs to consider. You could return your leased vehicle to us even if you leased it at a different location. Our finance experts will work with your lender to complete the final steps, including an inspection, any incurred fees, and paperwork to let you move on quickly.

Discover the Benefits of Trading in Your Leased Vehicle

If a vehicle on our lot is right for you, trading in your vehicle is a smart option. Many drivers around McKinney trade in their leased vehicles to save time and money. Your leased car may now be worth more than the residual value that the lender originally set, which is called lease equity. You can put this value towards your next vehicle while avoiding sales tax.

You can find out if this option is right for you and determine your lease equity by calculating the difference between the current lease payoff and the price of selling the vehicle.

Smoothly Transition to a New Lease or Loan

Once you have returned your leased vehicle, you will discover plenty of payment options and vehicles to consider. We provide affordable leases and loans for our new and used inventory, letting you easily transition from your leased vehicle to a high-quality model. Our finance team has experience working with major lenders to find low rates for leases and loans while taking on the majority of the legwork.

If leasing a vehicle felt right to you, you can discover affordable opportunities to lease a new vehicle near Corinth, TX. Leasing a new vehicle lets you take advantage of low monthly payments since you are not paying for the entire sticker price. The primary cost of leasing is paying for the vehicle's depreciation during your term, letting you enjoy more flexibility in your budget to afford more features and technologies.

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We also provide affordable financing options for Tom Bean drivers interested in long-term benefits. Even though your monthly payments will be higher for a time, you will eventually pay off your loan. You can also modify and drive your vehicle however you like without worrying about fees or restrictions.

Some of the new Kia models you can transition to include:

  • Telluride
  • Forte
  • Sorento
  • Sportage
  • Rio

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